Jennifer Sciamanna and Rachel Wolsfelt, have volunteered to run the 2017 Boston Marathon to support HomeStart.
Thanks to a partnership with John Hancock’s Non-Profit Program, HomeStart has received two entry bibs for the 121st Boston Marathon.
Jen and Rachel will lace up their sneakers on April 17th and run 26.2 miles! As they prepare for the race, they will log hundreds of miles, spending hours in the rain, cold, and snow,
but, it is worth it to them to eradicate homelessness. With each icy step they take, they will be thinking of those who cannot get out of the cold.

Jen and Rachel have each vowed to raise $8,000 to give a hand up to HomeStart clients, like Alvin, a veteran who spent over 12 years on the streets who now has a place to call home.

Take time today to look out on the streets of your community, and you will find someone who needs just a little help
to get back on their feet. With your gift, HomeStart, Jen, and Rachel can make a world of difference. For every, $1,030 they raise
HomeStart will find housing for a currently homeless individual. $1,030 is the difference between another night in the shelter or on the street or in a home.




Meet our 2017 Boston Marathon Team

Rachel: “I am overwhelmingly excited to run the Boston Marathon for Team HomeStart. I am amazed by the homelessness prevention
of this organization and how many people HomeStart has helped to date. Running for this team allows me to provide meaningful
financial help, while also doing something I love. I was born and raised in Boston, and am well aware of the problem of homelessness.
Being able to perform physically and raise funds for HomeStart makes the charitable giving so much more meaningful to me. I can
show even more of my love for Boston by not only raising money for an organization that helps my community, but also by running the
most monumental race in the country.”

Jen: “I am honored to be running
the 2017 Boston Marathon this April to benefit HomeStart. I have been able to raise money for this organization through their ICycle
event the last four years, and it has become a cause that is near and dear to my heart. The first marathon I ran in 2015 was very cold
and wet it gave me an even bigger appreciation for all that I have and the work HomeStart does to help end homelessness in the Greater
Boston area. I am looking forward to raising, even more, funds and awareness through this opportunity so that HomeStart can help more
families have a warm and dry place to call home. Please consider helping my teammate and myself reach our goals!”