Angela's Story

The trauma of facing an eviction is distressing enough especially when it is unwarranted and completely out of your control.

Angela and her family were evicted in 2014 when their landlord, who was selling the house, wanted to make repairs and forced them to leave. Having no place to turn, and also suffering from multiple illnesses such as asthma, high blood pressure and Stage 3 kidney disease, she found refuge at Rosie’s Place and the Woods Mullen Shelter. While transporting all of her belongings in bags back and forth to these two facilities, Angela was able to connect with a HomeStart housing advocate who took on her case and is helping her apply for several housing opportunities in the city.

Although living in a constant state of transition over the past two years, Angela has remained positive and even gives back to her community. She has completed the Leadership program at Rosie’s Place and is currently learning from their Public Policy program as well. She even feels lucky to be living in the shelter system so that she can be a proactive voice for the homeless community. As we gathered on the rooftop of the Ink Block for our annual Keys to the House South End event, one among us, Angela would be leaving that night and heading across town without the security of knowing where she would sleep. Angela’s story inspired our HomeStart supporters to raise over $38,000 for HomeStart’s crucial programs.

Brave clients like Angela help us realize how lucky we are to be given the opportunity to make a true difference for homeless and near-homeless families and individuals, but also how much more there is left to do. We are determined to find permanent housing for Angela and, through innovative programming, to end and prevent homelessness in Boston once and for all. We would not be able to provide the services we gave to Angela without you.

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