Our Staff
HomeStart’s Programs


Matt Pritchard
President & Executive Director
Casey Cooper
Patsy Robinson
Lori Cain
Chief Operating Officer
Chaney Carlson-Bullock
Community Engagement Coordinator
Bethany Saxton
Finance Assistant
Kelly Mulligan
Chief Program Officer
Yvonne Johnson
Front Desk Receptionist
Bob Sugerman
IT Manager
Michelle Chandler
Director of Development
Carrie Neff
Special Events Coordinator

Homelessness Prevention

Vinny Wisniewski
Prevention Manager
Shaquanna Pitts
Lang Haynes
Frances Reyes
Reina Henriques
Rodolfo Saldarriaga
Kim McCraw
Laticia Walker


Nassima Mouhoubi
Stabilization Data Manager
Elise Cummings
Lourdes Ortiz
Isa Ormsby
Stabilization Program Manager
Megan Farragher
Kim Payne
Paddy Cavanaugh
Jess French
Natalie Sack
Juana Cherif Machichi
Albertha Lewis

Housing Resources

Amber Nicholas
Housing Resources Manager
Shelley Turnbaugh
Leasing Coordinator & Representative Payee
Nicole Hicks
Representative Payee
Belinda Leick
Leasing Coordinator
Rada Sigal
Leasing Coordinator & Representative Payee

Housing Search

Keitha Crozier
Field-Based Housing Search Manager
Amina Owens
Maria Padilla
Gabrielle Vacheresse
Housing Search Manager
Griselda Montas
Marie-Anne Dume
Brother John Canty
Joshua Ledesma
Meredith Christensen
Naomi Chick
Vacancy Clearinghouse Coordinator
Kimberly Merren
Stephanie Geheran

Housing First

Juanda Furtado
Housing First Director
Rochelle Silva
Gia Bastien
Hannah Kugler
Peggy Richemond

Rapid Re-Housing

Tyler McEachron
Rapid Re-Housing Program Manager
Loretta Jackson
Natasha Bourgoin
Shakyla Taylor
Rapid Re-Housing Leasing Coordinator
Bárbara Carrera
Adriana Hastie

Veterans Housing

Alyssa Couture
Jewel Evans
Christine Lombardo

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